You know, as we go through the trials of our times, all of our times while we live, we share much that we don’t even recognize. In part, this is the realization that brought me here to write. I don’t have to spend this time here. For that matter, I don’t ever need to write a thing except perhaps my signature on some contract or check written for far too much money. Far too much as the product or service is far too high to be rational.

In the same breath I can say that you don’t need to spend your time reading this but the fact that you and I see enough alike to have you grace my pages means that we have at least a smidgen in common, though we have never spoken a word to each other. I find this at least part of what lacks in society. Common interests and that is what I believe is missing now. Especially the interest in the common good and that brings me to truth, a subject I do not take lightly. Truth: what exactly is truth? Truth is the absence of lying. What is a lie: to shade or alter the truth. Sounds like politics doesn’t it?

Human truth is all political. Truth based on the convenience of the moment. What will sound good to whom. What will get me across the finish line without having to reveal how I achieved this or the other goal. Just a bit of a lie is a full blown lie and this is how humans get along isn’t it? I’ve long tried to find where truth is solid and unshakable. Where no light shines from the cracks in truth and it isn’t on this planet but for a very few individuals and none of these are in political parties. Oh, there may be a few but the lies are so rampant that it becomes impossible to ferret out the little truth that is uttered.

There is one truth, however. Truth as spoken and written by God. Can we understand all of this truth? I cannot but I study this and I also pay attention to science. It is this dichotomy that led me to this subject. Is science right about the beginnings of our universe, our knowledge of time? No. God is right about these and the two butt heads when considering these axioms.

I have thought since college that science is earthbound as is mathematics. What works here on this little planet cannot be said truthfully to exist in other parts of the universe. From our perspective this seems an impossibility but to Gods perspective it is up to Him how it all works. The truth is, we have no idea how it all works together so it is sad when theory is passed to us as fact. Again, the “Big Bang.” No, it was lovingly and intelligently, indeed, perfectly, created and we should begin to be thankful that we were even born to be able to see this wonder of all wonders.

It is time for gratitude for our lives and damn the detractors of truth.

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