Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity

One might say that my essence is simplicity. To allow the foundations of life to be over complicated is to present a puzzle to which there is no solution. This is what is happening now in our world. Our world should be simple and to achieve simplicity is to achieve grace. With grace comes peace. Simple.

I understand more than most that complexity needs adherents willing to destroy simplicity for no better reason than curiosity. What makes a thing work. We’ve been doing this since the Garden was declared off limits to us. This is what fighting is about, war, combat, taking of lives. This is the opposite of what was once intended and those who understand this have taken a monumental step back from this human river. This torrent of never ending insanity that tears down what is built and destroys the food of life, the fields of peace, the balance that we never achieve.

This is death itself and it is we who have created death in our rush to create complexity. Those born have no chance of eternal life but for the one thing. A death thousands of years ago which signified our outlet from death to eternity. In our complexity we have discarded all of our chances to live.

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