It is my assumption that many people are focused on the wrong aspects of humanity. A focus on what human beings actually are rather than a focus on what anyone thinks humanity should be. Humanity is and has always been a mess. We are all imperfect and prone to thoughts of grandeur. To achieve grandeur comes at the expense of human beings without power to stop those thoughts and their eventual process of subjugation. Look at Russia (Soviet Union) , China, Rome or Persia. Then, for a few seconds, look at America. Can you see the difference?

Despite our early penchant for slavery which was limited to the Democratic South or our conquest of the American native people, a thing that cannot be changed and remember that I am part Cherokee and learned about the “Trail of Tears” as a child, America has not gone to conquer any other nation. For the most part, and after settling this land, we wanted nothing more than to be left alone. We didn’t, for instance, go to conquer England which we might have been able to do at any point in our history. Nor France, Nor Spain. Nor, well, any place of geographical significance. Instead, we have been attacked and had to defend ourselves from other countries bent on destroying our freedom. Until now, that is and the threat now, as our much maligned forefathers said, comes from within.

It is the rewrite of history in the last five or six decades that has swung many young people over to the side of anti-Americanism. These are taught lies couched as truth concerning the faults of America but leaving out the common thread of humanity and history of this rather unsettled and often unsavory world of ours.

America has abstained from conquest, Imperialism, and such trite nonsense as is levied upon the heads of all Americans who came before and can no longer defend themselves with truth. We are living a lie and watching it fester like a boil on our foreheads. The fabric of the greatest notion for democracy and republicanism is and has been under assault now for over one hundred years by people who thought the Bolsheviks were the honey of history. In a word: Progressives. A group that lies and calls it truth. Injures and calls it medicine. Kills and calls it salvation. Then turns around and rejects God and Jesus, all the while doing the bidding of Satan. In all this they are supremely ignorant of who their master really is.

Humanity is crippled and has been since the garden and it is humanities fault for not accepting truth as it came from above. From not obeying the truth of law and justice as given from above. We are a sad lot yet still, we have thoughts of grandeur. Until disease, war or pestilence wipe all that away in the blink of an eye. It is why I stay away from argument and, instead, watch and wonder at the roil of human vacuousness. Present company excluded!

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