What an irascible character is Donald Trump! A guy who seems to feel superior to regular human beings. Until, that is, you put aside one’s listening to the propaganda of the press and actually see what he does versus what the press says he does. In my lifetime I have never seen such animus against a man who became president. All of the “Russia, Russia” malarkey ( to steal a phrase from Biden’s bus tour almost four years ago) levied against him plus the “classified” documents and the set up against him, brought about by our own F.B.I., is exposed to the sunlight of justice. Turns out none of this was true but you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the propagandists of cable news.

I am no particular fan of Trump. It’s just that I look at people not for what they say but for what they do. Why would I care what some guy I will never meet in person does so long as he is true to his word? Trump was true to his word and inflation was not 9% when he left office as Biden lied. It was 1.4% and you can look it up if you don’t believe me. Also, there were no wars except Afghanistan and it was Biden that got my brother’s in arms killed during the botched withdrawal. Just like I witnessed in Vietnam, my war. That alone pissed me off more than I can tell you without a cussing diatribe.

Now it is “law-fare” directed against Trump and this is engineered by those on the far left. Those who would like to imprison we who speak against them. Those who chose to poison the minds of our children in school with non-biological tripe. Those who support a terrorist group in the middle east through sublime ignorance of reality. It is Vietnam redux to me. I’ve seen it all before and had it directed at me in person in airports back in the last century. All I was guilty of is loving America for what she has given me, my family, and my brother’s in arms. A reason to live and live with reasonable chances of success. Without the government robbing me blind or putting me in prison for daring to disagree with the government, That is the same side Trump is on for all his bluster and annoying presence on stage. Freedom isn’t always pretty and neither is life. It takes strength and resolve, no matter who you are, to forge ahead and beat the odds.

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