I am one who went to war so many years ago now that it seems a dream. In all, not a horrible dream but it was a horrible war: Vietnam. For my generation it was nearly inevitable that some of us would go as the draft was still in force and college was the only out. I had been sick of school so I quit college mainly because I wasn’t into more learning and wanted to work. My dream was to work for a few years in the trades and then go back to college knowing exactly what it was I wanted to do.

It wasn’t six months since I had left school that I received my draft notice. I was no longer 2-S I was 1-A and the Army needed men for Vietnam. Still, I had a choice as to which service I would go into or I could opt to go to Canada to evade the service. Canada was not a place I wanted to go knowing I could never come back home. After much thought I made the decision to enlist in the Navy.

I have never regretted enlisting even though it was far from my first choice in life. It was what it was and choices were extremely limited. Run and hide or move forward trusting in my wits to see me through. I was sent to Vietnam twice but I made certain that I made the upgrading of rank tantamount to my stay in the Navy. When I left service I was 23 and had achieved the rank of E-5. (Sargent in other services.) Even then I was slated to have my enlistment lengthened due to my abilities to operate highly classified equipment used for intercepting signals of other ships or ground based installations. It was aboard ship that I was injured but never told a soul. I have never toughed it out like that again. As it was my lower back was screwed up and I still have it reminding me that it was badly injured.

That war was actually the catalyst that allowed the left in America to berate and denigrate this country. In a way this was justified but the intentions of the left, as we see now, was nefarious. It was that war that allowed so many of my generation to radicalize and become communists. From that war issued so many 2-S deferred people that our colleges were stuffed to the gills with communist professors. They have no use for America as the great country it is and, instead, took the opportunity of the Vietnam war to warp the minds of our children and turn them to enemies of our Constitution, rewrite American history, and begin the process of breaking down the family unit and anything that is considered sacred. This goes on even now and the left is succeeding in that task.

What I took from Vietnam was the love of God and the education offered by the Bible. I did ask forgiveness for some of what I had to do back then. I am no saint but I am one who has actually found peace after so many years. The fact that I am old now is the reason for my attempting this small website but in the background is so much tension that it is writing that gives me a chance to put on another face. A face of love and harmony even though death creeps up behind me. I can now feel its closeness whereas I never did even when my life was on the line in that war. The sad aspect is that I am not leaving my grandchildren the same America I grew up in. One man cannot change the decades intervening. All an old man can do is tell others that this country is worth saving or this world is also lost. The Bible agrees with this.

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