You and I

So much is going on today. Most of it is not good but aspects of America are still level headed and striving to be better. That aspect is, simply, you and I. It is not a surprise to any of us that we are all Americans. What is a surprise is the disrespect some in our country have for you and I. These people are in the top level institutions of colleges, tech and government. Indeed, these three entities are virtually nameless but equally vile in their outlook toward this country.

Watching that moron at the podium last night was just more idiocy on full display. Liars should not be in corporations or government. Deceptive individuals are not worth the pennies they receive nor the food they eat. All of this on our backs. All of this out of our income. All of this is unnecessary as the deaths of the thirteen soldiers gunned down in Afghanistan. Laken Riley being killed by an illegal Venezuelan and her name pronounced incorrectly by the moron who let the fool in. It goes to show that it is the American people, not the government, who have always made this country great.

You and I know better than the government. The government is made up of lazy and jaded individuals not worth a penny for their work as their work is now against you and I. Pete Buttigieg is the most worthless individual ever to hold an office in any administration. he does nothing to the peril of the public. It is past time for you and I to take our country back. After all, it is us who are the ones who made America great. It has always been up to you and I. It is again.

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