The question, is God real, is one that is scientifically impossible to answer in the affirmative. There is no acceptable data or visible proof that God exists. If one cites and participates in the discussion strictly on the absence of mathematical or physical proof one may not be tuned into ever knowing God. However, if one merely looks into the night sky and makes a conscious decision that the universe is not due to some “Big Bang,” or some other accident, then the path to God opens. Narrowly at first and then wide enough to drive a train through and that mental world is wondrous to behold.

Nothing exists without being “made.” The air we breathe is invisible but we know it is there due to its functioning. The same can be said for belief in God. We cannot see Him but we know He is there due to His functioning. The universe did not suddenly will itself into existence. It was made by a mind far superior to ours and that becomes the rub for scientists who want to explain the universe on partial knowledge which leads to error.

To believe requires some kind of proof but that proof is only available when you attempt to make contact with God. This is what prayer is about and prayer itself is a wise though unpopular method of calming the mind down to communicate with our Father. Once attempted a person will, in time and sincerity, begin to understand that they are being heard. It is up to the individual to stick with prayer. It has never been up to God to contact you. That is not how the universe works. It is why we are built the way we are. We are built to worship. Just be certain you’re worshiping the correct being. There are other beings who want you to pray to them and these are the opposite of creation. These are the destroyers. You know the name of their leader.

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Odd T.C.