The Less I Know

All of us are hurting in ways we don’t fully understand. We can look at our politics and the knife wielding politicians who fight among themselves and get little done for us; other than take our income for their own devices. Or, we can look at one nation at odds with another nation brewing up the elixir of war on the horizon.

We can deal with our angst using psychiatry or some type of spiritual extreme. Or, we can give up and take a path of destruction like alcohol, drugs . . . or worse. The young are especially susceptible to the latter as it is so prevalent and easy to do. Any of these is the wrong path. One of these paths I took for many years to my own near destruction.

I write this because I have learned from combat and what followed that I know very little. By this I mean that my life is shorter than I would like it to be and the possibility of knowledge of all that exists is out of my reach. I get the feeling that if I knew just a little bit more I could solve our problems. That, my friends, is a flight of fantasy. We are all encumbered by the final solution and it comes so fast that it leaves us spinning once we see the bridge in front of us on whichever road we have walked.

I don’t care where you come from on this globe of ours, we are very much the same. The fact that we run from the end does not nullify the end and running from the end is what gets so many in trouble. The end is a hiding thing and always exists on the road of circumstance, unseen. It is what we are afraid of but most do not understand that the life before the end is what counts. This is what I do know. We are never to take our own lives. We have no right to take other people’s lives. Life is a gift and the road we walk is a choice. The road less traveled by is the proper road and it is a road lacking glitz and glamour, which are passing things, as we age. It is a narrow road that leads us to eternity, not to riches and fame. It is a difficult road to find under blinding bright lights. Yet, it is there for us should we tire of this wide road of carnage.

This is what I know . . . now.

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