I am considered by some to be a hater. A hater in that I care more for natural law than lying about nature and the choices any of us have to be something we are not. Facing the honest truth is a gambit nowadays. A gambit between being cancelled or being relegated to the far right in a bin that used to hold Nazis. The ironic thing is that most people are just like me. I care not the color of skin nor the place one calls home. We are all suffering humans.

I say suffering humans because we face death from the time we are born. That weighs on each person more or less heavily. Indeed, most of us living now have not seen nor handled death so it is a mystery seen only by some on television or in the theater. Ask yourself if you do not hesitate to do some acts of physical or mental agility because you do not want to get hurt or killed. Risk is something humans are naturally averse to and those who are not we call hero’s. Perhaps these should be called fools as they ply their trade for payment or glory. It is those who do not “play” with life that are actual humans. The kind of humans who go into the fray because it is the right thing to do, not in their minds, but in their hearts

I come here not to anger people but to present truth as seen through combat and the handling of death. From the moment i drew close to Vietnam the fist time I prayed for death, if it happened, to be quick. I came home unscathed and have felt guilty about that for some decades. So many friends I lost there for a lie. A lie from the left and these people have no goodness in their hearts. These are all scoundrels and vagrants of their own souls. They are now running America and want to solidify their rule forever. We cannot let this happen but we may have little choice as other boulders are rolling unseen in the night. The Bible explains all of this and signifies that these now in power are the destroyers of civilization. As Jesus told His disciples,” I will come lest no one should live.”

We are at a crux and few understand the weight of these matters playing themselves out in our nation and this world. Add a few thermonuclear missiles in and we have a fine kettle of fish. This is what I write of here and you would do well to pull down your defenses and pay attention. This world is worse than it seems and no amount of wisdom, the human kind, will stop the inevitability set in motion when Adam and Eve first sinned.

It only took a few bites of an apple to facilitate the death of the world as we know it. And Satan goes on laughing and cajoling the wicked to enact even more insanity. There is much more to come and death may become welcomed more than feared by the ignorant. Ignorance, it is said, is bliss. Don’t be fooled into thinking any of us has a lot of time left to do that which we dream of. It is a time to pick sides: Good or Evil. Remember, time is relative only to we who are bound to the Earth. In Heaven, time does not exist.

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Odd T.C.