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How many times have you screwed something up that you wish you could unscrew? Well, not to worry as screwing things up is part and parcel of being me or you or whatever. If I made a list of my screw ups it would be pushing the limits of 1 TB on my computer. Or, and this is the or I greatly admire, I can shrug my shoulders, tell myself I am not perfect and go on screwing things up. Unless its a tax form and then I pay attention.

I got this way after leaving college just because I was sick to death of school. What I screwed up was the era I was in at the time: Vietnam. I was eighteen so maybe I can be excused but I quit school with a really nice GPS going for e and got drafted. My plan had to go to work as a fireman but I waited too long to apply. A draft notice will never come for me, I thought. Dumber than a horse with its tail on fire.

What you will get here are articles about how stupid we all can be but me especially so that you can compare notes and see just how good you have it; or not? I don’t know but there is no draft now and Vietnam is far in the past except for we who went there. Ah, the dreams! If you don’t have the dreams you’re already better off than I.

I will attempt to not make this website just the latest of my screw ups and that is a promise with my right fist in the air and a ceiling fan I am going to have to fix when I find a bandaid for my hand.

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