Don’t Blame Yourself . . .

. . . for not understanding another’s motivations.

It used to be that a person knew where in life he stood. Where in life he fit. Add “she” if you feel the need to alter the pronoun. Never add “it.” “It” is not one thing or another as “it” defies logic and normalcy. It used to be, from time immemorial, that there were two pronouns which governed humanity: He and She. There is permanence in He and She. Any other pronoun is a lie, a deceit.

I speak plainly and do not fear “cancellation” for being honest and true. Truth is in short supply in these times and these times will raise or ruin humanity. The side one takes now governs that person’s eternity. Eternity is another truth masked by the instantaneous need for gratification we see as so much bilge all around our feet. We are better than this. We can see further than today.

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Odd T.C.