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Some may wonder at the title of this website, “Odd TC.” Why would an old man call himself odd? Of course, many are they who don’t care about the title one way or another and that’s fine to. Personally, I use it as that is what I think of myself and have since about 2nd grade.

I don’t consider myself anything special and that is because I look around and find thousands who do consider themselves special and act like fools. A fool isn’t a light weight term to me. A fool is one who is so full of themselves that they become falsely smarter than everyone else. On the other hand is you and I. We consider our abilities in only one way: good enough to get things done and who needs any fuss surrounding us for doing it.

I am better with fewer people around. I have never been one who needs friends to make my day. When I started getting interested in photography it was because it is a solitary pursuit. Though I never became a professional photographer I ended up being asked to do weddings and get-together’s for a lot of people. Most of this was back in the “darkroom” days and film was the only photographic medium. I shot 35mm, medium format and some large format when I could borrow a Graflex camera and a couple of lenses. I still do a modicum of photography though my days of beating the brush to go five to twenty miles up in the Sierra mountains are in my rear view now.

Odd TC came from an old friend who always said that I was a bit odd due to my lack of enjoying parties and huge crowds. A loner is kind of what I have always been but being Christian also toned down my ambitions to mingle as so much of what people did was unsavory to me. Sure, I fell into some bad habits but I never said I was perfect. I just learned to forgive slights and then ask forgiveness for my wandering ways when I was young. For about ten years I wandered terribly and didn’t like where it took me. Maybe that’s the difference?

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