For the last few days I’ve been considering just what is the lack so many have that makes our world so volatile. I am not speaking of politics here so much as the minds behind the politics of our time. Why is it so fierce and why is it so drattedly mean? Why is it dog eat dog while out in the real world we just want to do the best we can? Politics has become a weight on all of us as we hope one election will give us back our old, true, and friendly country.

I know I am old and that the past always looks better to we who age than the present. I’ve heard it as I grew up that the past was the, “good old days.” So, I stopped the undisciplined wandering and tried to nail down what is missing or changed. It is the simple act of kindness allowed from one to the other when disagreement inevitably pops up. The same goes for the mean streets of our cities. Kindness is pretty much gone from the day to day caring of one individual for another. Caring for one another is Scriptural and is considered a necessity for life to function as it should. War and injury is the result of the lack of kindness because understanding comes when two people speak kindly to one another.

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.


Included in kindness is forgiveness and love which allows mutual respect. Respect is naught but the mindset of kindness. It all sound rather flowery doesn’t it? Yet, it is what I had growing up and other than the proverbial bullies we treated one another with respect. I still do, or attempt to treat another with kindness.

There is no trans or racist in kindness as that mindset is universally appropriate. I bring up “trans” as this is a lack of kindness to our children when forced upon them by demeaning adults. An individual is an individual so why exacerbate mental anguish with outlets contrary to truth?

The answer is that we are lulled into dysfunction. We are allowing ourselves to be manipulated by people so vile with kind smiles on their faces that we fall for devilish definitions of reality. There is only one reality and included in this reality are kind and caring individuals. But then, the world is spinning now is it?

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