I’m going to say something that is unpopular in many circles. So unpopular that society is standing on a knife’s edge because of the attitudes of individuals and groups who disavow simple principles of decency. It is the word, “morality.”

As I watched what I could stomach of president Biden last evening it became apparent to me what that man lacks. Principles. If you look at morality in linear fashion it goes the way I put it underneath this line:

God> Christ> obedience> truth> morality> principles> law> goodness.

If one of the above is removed then you have what we have in our government today. Liars and cheats without a moral backbone. This is the left. This is most of our government. It is also certainly other governments who take advantage of our immorality. Traffickers of drugs and all the leadership of most foreign countries.

It wasn’t that long ago that the reason for America’s standing in the world was a Christian faith which included the list above and it was in government also. Not throughout government but in enough of it to ward off the criminality we see rampant now.

I don’t pull punches when it comes to the immoral ruling us. Those whose ego’s are nourished by our discomfiture. Those who feed off watching us squirm as we try to feed our families or have something as American as owning our own homes. We are losing us.

It is time to call a halt to all of this and we can do so if we vote out the leftward leaning scoundrels who lie to get ahead and keep us down. Elections have consequences and the lies are deeper than the Grand Canyon and taller than the Redwood forests.

My hope is that we can put aside our political differences and look to what a person is as a leader and not as a personality. It isn’t Kennedy. It sure as heck isn’t Biden.

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