Seen America Lately?

History tells us that all nations fall. In some cases it is due to war and others because they had too much for too long and died the death of spoiled brats who could no longer fend for themselves. The citizens thought they were to important to have to work to make ends meet. In all cases it is the fact that human beings need laws to exist and those laws need to be enforced otherwise there is chaos. The laws of God countermand the laws of a nation and to bury God’s laws is to commit suicide.

Barely two hundred and fifty years in, Americans have been up against the wall only a few times: World War One, the Depression, and World War Two. These were the times that Americans themselves had to give up luxury to fend off other nations. They did so willingly and the home front won the war by supplying soldiers, military might, and a whole lot of deaths. All the while Americans gave up their life of comparative ease to work to bring America through to victory. Have you seen that America lately?

For the last seven decades America has given up her stiff spine to become trendy. To exercise experimentation of governance and easy living. One political party has been behind all this excess, the democrat party and, in recent times it seems, the republican party. We have an ice cream slurping president who can’t find his way from one side of a stage to the other and who mumbles stories and then asks what day of the week it is. Where is America? She hides in shame of her own citizens who needlessly caterwaul about how tough life is. Gone with the wind of history is America.

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