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Writing a group of articles such as this website consists of is always guess work. In no small way is this the reason I love doing such as this. I want to write a few articles about Christianity even though I see the response to the last article is rather muted, comparatively speaking. That’s OK as the broaching of religious thought is always suspect. One might suppose it is an indication of the throes this world is in? Guessing is good if you back it with awareness.

I’ve written here that America used to be Christian and that matters. Christianity is the putting of “self” on the shelf in taking care of others in need or conducting oneself so as not to harm others. It assumes that we all look upon one another as brothers and sisters and not as so much baubled meat in the market; as human beings and all the frailties that come with being human. This pretty much precludes what is favored in these times so it is not popular. Then again, God is not popular and it may come as some surprise that He knows this and isn’t pleased by our lack of knowledge of He.

So much history is unknown now and the Bible is a part of this forgetfulness. History is a great teacher and the lessons it teaches are oft times forgotten and rarely treated with the respect warranted. So it goes, right? Dismissal of fact and human nature and our imperfection is not considered worthy of thought. Hence, look around. We are seeing results and these results are part and parcel of prophecy. I am not one to bandie about the fact of prophecy. I have been watching with mounting disbelief since 1972. I am now assured that we are in the times spoken of at great length in that old dusty tome called the Bible. It is now reflecting detail and one of those is a godless generation. I write this to inform.

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