What does that name mean to you: God? Does it bring on a gut reaction to leave right now? Does it turn your mind to considerations of the author being a bit daft or, more likely, senile? Or, does it bring about a longing for peace? Peace. Or, consideration of humanity and all of our history back to, well, back exactly to where? Primordial ooze? Some mystical garden in some lost place? Or just a bunch of nerds in some wooden building, with a half baked steeple, singing songs not by Metallica?

Consideration of our being is what this is about. Not our being in this world of man but our being in eternity. I said before that we have two words: infinity and eternity, that arrived in our lexicon untold millennia ago. Why? What possible knowledge could we earthbound and fragile creatures have of the infinite. Certainly, our universe must have an edge somewhere? Perhaps our universe is multi-dimensional or it merges with other universes. Where then, is Heaven? Heaven was here before the universe you know? You didn’t? Check out Genesis for a wake up call. It surprised me, once I spent some time considering this point.

I am not bringing this subject to bear to be a wiseguy. Were I wise I would probably be filthy rich. What got me started thinking in depth about all this was my photography. The more I shot nature the more I realized how symbiotic nature is. How all is ordered so as to sustain life so vast and varied on this little ball of dirt which rotates and orbits in the only perfect place it could be to support life.

After that I got to thinking how valuable one life is and how easily a life is wasted even though that life had the ability to begin to understand how beautiful our planet is. Ours is one of a kind and I throw out the mania of finding other planets that may support life. Whether that may be true or not this is where life is. And this life considers the terms: infinity and eternity. Why?

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