Time Flies

Since the days of Adam and Eve we’ve only been in the beginning, the first leg of time. Since that trespass we have been plagued with the knowledge of good and evil. Once evil is let out we have the logic behind the story of “Pandora’s Box.” In the case of humanity we probably should call it, “Satan’s Box.” That, however, is a much larger and more convoluted box. Yet it plagues us each hour of our lives.

It is no wonder then that an end to this is prophesied. An end to death and the turmoil death brings upon a civilization so stunted by the evil released from the eating as a thing so simple as an apple. It wasn’t the fruit, it was the admonition against eating of that fruit. Disobedience of a woman and the resulting disobedience of a weak husband.

If we look at our society you can see what has taken place over the eons of time since the Garden. The Garden is still there but, as with God Himself, it is invisible and protected by an angel. All along, no one has been aware of this yet it is written to be so. That so few understand the intricacies of our reality also gives cause to the way we act toward one another. There is so much more to be aware of that it is humbling to even begin to understand the reality and makeup of our universe. Most of it is beyond our understanding which is why the Bible is written the way it is. The Bible is written for the imperfect and those who understand that they are imperfect. Certainly, it is far too simple for the pseudo-intellectual mind. Yet, it is open to those who love God. It bears scrutiny before one understands how simple it really is. Obedience to He who rules all. Or . . . the invisible to us.

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