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As with most of you who come here, I have a lot of varied interests. Several years ago I became very interested in servers and building websites from scratch. Although I’ve done it successfully many times it always has come with a plethora of trials and errors leading to so many do-overs that I’ve lost count.

I was in my late 60’s when this bug bit me and I have considered many times if I am just too old to do this at all. I spend a few hours writing and then poring into terminal and code to achieve some modicum of success. Wirtefreely is one of those pages of code that I have succeeded in mastering so I put up a Writefreely blog here. Take a gander as I have put up a tutorial there so that others can build their won Writefreely website.

I am working on another type of software to, Friendica; a social software using Activity Pub. I successfully put a few of them up to see if I could do it and am considering putting up another one should I have the time. If I do I will post it here for you to take a look at or join should that appeal. Time. Time is what you make of it, right? I could be drinking myself into a stupor but this seems to be so much more light hearted and interesting.

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