Yet Again

Were it not for certain people and governments, this would be a great place to live: Earth. But everything is such a bother that some people go to the gym to workout and boast about their physical condition. I walk a heck of a lot and I walk quickly to get my heart rate up and I walk distances of four to six miles. No gym, no inside sweating among grunting or cursing individuals. I was in the service. I’ve had enough physicality if you don’t count bullets whining by your ears. “Lousy shot,” was the cry I uttered back then.

So, I reread my earlier post and noted the typos. Instead of me I typed my. Pretty close for an old man! Were I a few days younger I might just go and correct those and still might. But, I was speaking there about a ray of sunshine and that got me to considering how simple life should be, yet how complex it is.

How about just tending your own vineyard and napping in the shade of a tree when the sun was at high noon? I know that I read in the Bible that this was God’s plan originally. We were to spend our days in happiness tending to this planet He made for us. He put us here because He so loves us. Then the devil came along and tempted a woman and the man succumbed to his wife’s insistence that he try the fruit. It didn’t say which fruit so folks made up the apple theory. What was most interesting is when God kicked Adam and Eve from the Garden and set an angel to protect the entrance. He told them that they and all of their progeny would now have to work for their food and would be cursed by thorns and nettles. Interestingly, He also said that the wage of sin is death so all us children die. I think that it is so as to suggest how we should live. A thought provoker, eh?

Which tells me that His original plan was for the planet to provide all we needed and no work was required. Nor were there weeds, just goodness from the soil. That was the plan. Where are we now as His plans may be delayed due to circumstance as the result of mankind’s free will but then, He didn’t want anyone to be a slave to Him. He wanted us to make our choices to include or exclude Him which is what free will is actually all about. Choice. Look at the choices we’ve made since that day long ago. My plan is to stick as close to what He wants for me as I possibly can. Think on it.

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