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If I can look back and try to see the first element that changed my life from one of “party” to one of thoughtfulness and, dare I say, religious intent, it was time itself. As one ages one discerns that time is limited and a person begins to wonder why we are thus limited. Why so blasted short is life. It is a wonder old as time itself and, though we become used to our limited experience on the planet, we always wonder “why.”

The mirrors we all use are one factor in realizing time is not our friend. As we age we find that time was never our friend and then it dawns on some that we have two words in our vast lexicon of verbiage that don’t seem to fit our lives: infinity and eternity. Yet, those words do exist and one might wonder why, as those words represent a concept unachievable for us. We use them to represent time and space and even scientists become rattled when these two concepts are voiced. It is one thing to have mathematical formulae to explain them but quite another to put our arms around them in this reality. In our reality we wonder if those two words express a reality or are merely concepts of an overactive imagination.

They are real, however, and they do exist. The problem is that we don’t exist in a phase of the universal machine that allows us life of more than a few decades. That, if we are fortunate not to have our lives taken by others whether we are just born or old and gray. Seen from a distance, all things seem twisted in our reality. It is why we war with each other and why we rob, steal and rape our way through our limited brackets of time. It has been this way since the beginning and nothing, nothing has changed. It is this that has made TC feel odd and why I have studied the Bible for so many years. The answer to all of this is in that book, if we put aside our enforced prejudice and open it at the beginning: Genesis. We have few choices in our flash of time. The right one is to attempt to understand who we are in reality.

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