Too Plenty

Pardon the way I formed the title of this article: “Too Plenty,” but I believe that this is the ailment so pervasive in our country, the U.S. Covid kind of opened the thought process as Covid has never been investigated as to its cause. Sure, we can say it came from China or obfuscate that we don’t know exactly where it was born but it was engineered and we do such nonsense in this country also.

We screw with things we do not fully understand until a lot of people die from our messing around with it. Kind of like kids sticking keys in wall plugs, if I may be so bold as to express the childlike way adults appear to be acting. Talk about men in makeup! It’s beyond logical comprehension and certainly falls far below the line that demarcates maturity. Still we trudge on carrying our horse on our shoulders rather than riding it. Huh?, is the way I look at modernity.

The question arises, how far afield can we wander, giggling at each step, before we all start dying from our wandering off the path of simplicity, cause and effect. I think we’ve about reached the end of this path and turning around is going to be dammed difficult. Hey, I’ll be dead so you figure it out. I’m done trying to figure out much anyhow.

Of course, I could be all swell headed and say I told you so but that doesn’t do any good. I did tell many that this was so and I was nailed to the wall of blasphemy to dare say I knew anything at all. The young always know that the older generation is full of swill. Until they get older and the same nailing to the wall happens to them. Life goes on, round and round as with the Great Mandela. Which, to most of us, has wooden horses and pumps out organ music.

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