Is Eden an Allegory?

Here’s a tid-bit that I have considered both ways for decades: is the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve an allegory or is it plain truth. I understand that many consider the entirety of the book of Genesis to be an allegory but, then again, science has, evidently, stumbled on “Giants” in the form of skeletal remains in the past. Some doubt has been cast on these so-called “discoveries” yet others maintain that those were real. It makes for great viewing either way if you enjoy science TV shows.

Personally, I consider the Bible to be truth even though science, in its infinite wisdom, casts nothing but doubt or laughter upon the Bible. Science is full of dreams and ideas such as evolution rather than proper understanding outside of “scientific fact.” Fact? How often has science had go go backwards and reprise old fact into new fact? Were they honest, it is a great number of times. Global warming is man-made? No, it is the cycle that science proved decades ago and before politics tainted it. The cycle of the Earth warming and cooling goes on, like it or not, and vulcanism is a great part of this current warming. All the factory smokestacks of the industrial revolution has nothing on what the Earth does all by it’s little lonesome. Have you taken a gander at Iceland recently.

Of course, if yours is a political bent then altering truth to manufacture a semi-truth (or complete lie) is part and parcel of politics. It is true that the Earth is warming once again but mankind has been on this planet for a good many years and most of those years was not industrial. The Earth warmed and then froze with or without mankind. The universe has rules that we are not privy to. It pretty much does what it feels like when it feels like it and if we are in the way too bad sailors; You shouldn’t have gone to sea in such a gale.

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