For the Love of Bigfoot

This is, to me, a wonderful flight into the unknown: Bigfoot. Whether it exists or not is still up in the air. Whether it is a hominid or demon or a retired ape from some defunct circus is also unknown so the question is: Is Bigfoot real?

If you watch the “mystery” shows you might think it is as real as you or I but am I real? I could very well be A.I. I could also be a spy or a recluse under a bridge in some part of Arizona. Or, I could be just an old man who has flights of fantasy while typing. Senile is another word that doesn’t bother me much. I will be whatever you want me to be except a progressive. Speaking of which . . .

What progressives try to tell us about America is pretty much another Bigfoot story. Yeah, some say they’ve had glimpses or smelled something foul while in the woods but America is not a night shade. America is a strong enough country to withstand the current administration and throw all the bums soiling the White House out and return resurgent from this “almost” calamity of Biden and Co.

Still, Bigfoot is at least as real as Biden and might make a better president if Trump isn’t elected. Let’s face it, what you see of Biden is also a mystery. He says one thing, does another and either way it is screwed up. Mumblegarf the White House of Biden.

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