The Other End

Where? That is the question we all face now. There is no map, chart or compass which can direct us on a known path to our destination. America is in flux and this is the worst we have ever seen. History of the world tells us that every nation has had periods of turmoil and only a few come out the other end without being conquered by enemies from without or within. From within seems to be what we face now. Of course, there is China, Russia and terrorism all of which used to be from without. Now, it would seem, these may also be from within.

It is a weird and unsettling thing, not understanding who in this country is our enemy. Is it a political party or those who pay politicians to take their side against you and I? Any nation can provide payola to get done our take down. The internet, for all it is cracked up to be, could be the single monster in the room from which all in this world who wish us harm can prod and manipulate all of us. I will say that I felt safer before the internet for as sure as I support this country the internet inducts into our lives and, worse, our minds, that which causes turmoil, even if that turmoil is through lack of action. Lethargy is another way to put it. To make us just lazy enough not to get off our couches but, instead, watch all the clips of ludicrous people performing immoral acts against themselves and, by proxy, the viewer.

It’s a fine line between freedom and corruption and if we shade toward the latter we are lost. To my mind, the shadow is deepening just like an eclipse. The question is, is that light at the other end or darkness and death?

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