Love Thy Neighbor

A bit of “olde English” in the title which comes from the the language of the King James Bible. I am not sure what possessed the then king of England to have a Bible written but he did and that edition was written in olde English. It’s a funny thing, a king having a Bible written. The last person that would be suspected of any interest in the word of God these days would be the head of some country. My, how things have changed!

The foundational principles of America were based on the Bible, God’s word and the gist of what is said in our founding documents reflect, “Love thy neighbor . . . as you would yourself.” Love. What an antiquated way to look at one another. Hate thy neighbor is the opposite of what Jesus told us to do yet that is where we are. It would seem that fewer individuals and, more, groups, including nations, are opposed to loving their neighbors.

One of the ten commandments tells us to not covet our neighbors goods. Look at the international problems we now have with, say, China. China wants our goods badly. They also want Taiwan’s goods badly. It would seem there is a theme going down around our little globe. Coveting.

Of course, going back to paragraph two above, God as the head of the universe is denied now. God as the creator of the universe is judged childhood fantasy as we know better through science. Science? What is science but an imperfect throwing of darts at a dart board? The walls surrounding that dartboard are pock marked with hoes from darts that misses. Time to sand, fill, and paint those holes. Then start over with some humility and practice of physics. Physics that control a darts flight and the muscular control of the hand that throws that dart. Not to mention the possible need for glasses.

A long time ago I was struck by a thought as I ruminated why the Vietnam war was fought in the first place. That thought is that we are Earthbound and, therefore, not at all cogent of what the laws of the universe are. We assume they are constant but we know nothing about Quarks, Black Holes or Dark Matter. In truth, this is all theory and not truth at all as we cannot prove it. Instead, we put forward our best guesses and talk about those incessantly until people take our guesses as known fact. Meanwhile, God watches from a place He resides and shakes His head, “What a bunch of goofy children I created. So full of themselves that they don’t even know who their Father is.”

It might be a time for reckoning.

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