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Would I be to bold to say that all of us are wondering where in the world this world is headed? Perhaps I should put it another way: Where in the universe this world is headed? Personally, I thought the Cold War was the end of us but that was a long time ago and not much happened except a lot of bluster from all sides. Odd that it was the hydrogen bomb that stopped a war from taking place. Talk about painting the planet into a corner!

I suppose we are not far from that place still. Putin has intimated that thermonuclear war might be once again on the table. What it comes down to is that this is a lousy time for so indecisive a president as who we have now. Do we really want another four years of a dolt in the White House? Once you have a leader who is doltish you also end up with an entire government that is doltish. I give you our southern border and our armed forces doing political correctness.

I have always said that as America goes, so goes the world. How close we are to war is anyone’s guess but it is as close now as it was back then during the Cold War. Problem is that we don’t have a purely objective news source who will tell us facts rather than opinion. Well?

The problem with being my age is that I’ve seen it all as to the world after the second world war. The second war followed the first and we just continue sliding downhill. It is almost as though a reckoning is in the offing? A long overdue reckoning to boot! This is why I bring the Bible up now. Something is coming and I believe I know who it is and I don’t say this lightly because, if I am correct, it will get worse before it gets better. Can you imagine worse? How much slack do we have before the rope cinches tight? It is a puzzle and the puzzle should draw your attention, if it hasn’t already. It may be time to set yourself right if the path you are on wanders into the dark side. It’s worth a chat is it not?

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