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As I hadn’t heard much news the past few days I listened to it last hour. Not much has changed except that we are getting closer to a conflagration. Despite that which occupies our minds, such as the political for some and money woes for others, not to mention their next meal, we are on the same track with our locomotive at full steam. It would seem that the foretold in the bible is also right on track.

What I was reading before watching the news was Matthew 24 in the New Testament. In that book Jesus is asked by His disciples what the signs of the end will be. He gave specifics when asked. Specifics that are said to become more apparent to us in our times. I am not going to quote them here but only suggest you read the first several paragraphs of that book. It may astound you or make you think you’re reading fiction. It is true and it is really the only truth you need to understand right now. Pick up a Bible, any Bible, and read Matthew. He was a good guy, was Matthew!

Jesus also told His disciples that not one stone of the temple would be standing after His death. Forty years later the Romans took it down, stone by stone. Poof, nothing left. You go and believe what you want.

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