The eye is mending nicely and the surgery to put in a new lens went flawlessly. Today is my second day and the first using both eyes. Being one eyed is a weird experience in that vision is not quite halved and perspective and depth of field becomes disorienting.

I’ve been watching the news in, of all things, the morning. I wanted to speak of what is being done to Trump. To do so we need to put ourselves in his place. Not the wealth and bluster but as an American citizen just like you are if, of course, you live in America legally. What they’re doing goes against our laws and Constitutional rights. I hear some calling this, “lawfare,” and this is only too true. Because of who he is he is being singled out by the Injustice Dept to be made an example of lest any might consider going against the communist dictatorship that is the new Democrat party.

This is most likely the reason that his poll numbers are almost 10% higher than Bidens. The current administration has done all they could get away with to take America closer to communism. If we get there you aren’t going to like it. Not one little iota are you going to like it. It is within our f=rights to speak ill of the government and our much maligned founders were afraid of just exactly what is occurring as evidenced by Trumps inquisition. Buring him at the stake is the next step and you or a member of your family might soon be subjected to similar consequence if Trump is not our next president.

Of course, if you are listening to the two propaganda networks you might be just fine with what is happening to Trump. If you love America you are stressed mightily of potential consequences to all of us if he is not elected. It is, in the end of all things, up to you.

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