It is time to speak of the innocent. Amazing how close the two words are: infant and innocent. There is not one of us who asked to be born nor is there one of us who had a choice to be born. The choice was always between a man and a woman who performed the sex act.

When birth control came about was when I was a youngster, a teen. It’s coming about simply meant that the sex act became a cheap thrill with little to no consequence. It could be performed at little risk to the participants and thoughts of the infant disappeared. It then became cheap thrills or conquest. If there is any more consequential act than making love, without love, I know of none. It is taken for granted and if a child is made then we have the choice to keep the child or have it killed. Is this murder? Is this considered before performing the bedtime circus act? Some consider this and some don’t. Taking life for granted is one step further down the road to wholesale slaughter.

I have three children all of whom are adults and all have children now. Those children were planned for and lovingly wanted by my children. Abortion, the word or act, never once arose in the consideration of these youngsters. All of whom are smart as whips and doing quite nicely. All were hollow shells when born ready to be filled with whatever the parents chose to fill them with. Abortion? Never! Instead, these infants were filled with love and kindness which they gladly share with all who will allow that sharing.

Innocence today is much more rare than it was before birth control. Morality has slipped an infinite degree. Were this not foretold as a sign to watch for I wouldn’t be writing of this. This loss of innocence is called “being full of self.” It is saying that one is more important than others so one will do as one pleases without regard for others; say, the child.

In truth, it is the infant that deserves the best we can give it and doing away with infants is unconscionable. It is the end of innocence. It is one more step to the end of this world, as we know it.

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