The World-The Earth

We have two separate and distinct words to call this planet we live on and the Bible makes this distinction. Have you ever read the Bible? Take it from me, you should and if you take my advice just begin at the beginning, read as far as you choose and see how the Bible says all this came about. Then, mull it over for a time of your choosing and see how it settles in your mind.

The world is, as I’ve said before, this “construct” of civilization we have built for ourselves. It is not what God intended but, again, you need to read the Bible to understand this as the Bible makes it clear what God’s intentions for us were at the beginning. It’s an eye opener.

Then we have the Earth, this planet which is so very special and supports untold species of life in every medium available of this planet. Some mediums require life so specialized that scientists are flabbergasted that anything lives there. It’s really pretty neat. So very thoughtful. So well planned.

I bring this up because Hollywood and authors have made a huge deal and a lot of money telling us that the end of the world is the end of life and all that exists in this little envelope where the Earth rotates, This is nonsense and the Bible also tells us what is actually going to occur.

I made the distinction of Earth and world above to demonstrate this. When the Bible says the “world” will end it means our system of governments. nations, and mankind being in charge. We weren’t meant to do this by ourselves and I believe that any rational person understands why. Look around you and then peer back at history. We kill each other at the drop of a hat and always have. This ain’t the way it is supposed to be! Deep inside you already understand this.

The Hippies wanted us all to love each other but we cannot if we don’t first love God. It is from that fresh spring that all else follows. The Hippies took lots of drugs and thought they’d achieved some type of Nirvana through acid, No, they met Satan through the displeasing of God. That’s how it works since the Garden. Satan is at work always and I believe that most who come here know this to be accurate even though it cannot be proved by science. Science? Think about science and the haughtiness of those Ph.D’s.

It is the Bible that speaks truth. It is written for that reason and we ignore that book at our peril. Read it acutely enough and you will come to the same conclusion I and many others have come to. There is only one truth and it is a hard truth for those who deviate for fun and profit. Frivolity reigns and the Bile tells us to not be frivolous. Be true and help your neighbor in need and you have set one foot on the correct path. Notice how narrow it is?

Apologies-Second word of second paragraph (world) was misspelled (word). I have corrected this and now it reads properly.

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