Killing Infants

You know, it is a very short walk between killing infants and then killing people you don’t agree with. Look at Soviet Russia or the Nazis. For that matter, look back to the Babylonians or Egyptians back in the proverbial day. All of this comes from only one group and I care not who is influenced. It is a simple matter for a man to keep his zipper zipped if he or she does not want children. I cannot abide the extremes coming in such as rape or incest. All of it is on the same ethereal plain as to judgement. It is a sin against God and humanity and you cannot slice and dice it into niceties that are more agreeable to a warped pallet.

In my years I have heard every excuse in the book for immoral behavior with the first being, “If it feels good, I’ll do it.” Taking an ax to the tree of moral behavior only sentences society to death. Again, just look around you. How does it make you feel? Infants: The pure essence of innocence.

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Love Thy Neighbor Infants East, Middle
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Odd T.C.