I Don’t “Think” I’m a Man. I know It.

Hyper stupidity surrounds us as the left plays their game of “whack-a-mind.” How much more perverse can a person get than to attempt to debilitate children? To take fresh little brains and implement spiritual slaughter on them. Little brains craning to find sunlight and warmth instead have injected into them perverse philosophy of a Satanic nature. They can be whichever sex they want to be. No, they cannot and to say this is demonic. It is against nature and, worse, it is against God’s laws. Who set all this up so that confusion would be minimal? God did.

I mentioned in an article several days ago that we are in the equivalent times to Noah. As a child, I couldn’t conceive of human beings being so sinful that God needed to wipe the slate clean of all humanity but one small family. I now am getting the picture because when adult society turns on children we have crossed the bridge to damnation. We have garroted our future.

It is now time for prayer to bolster us so as not to fall for Satanism in government. America may be quite dead now and this world already was so we are merely falling in line with the Titanic and the iceberg is just now visible.

Funny how horror sneaks up just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse. And, if you think I’ve lost it, I have but gained it. Clarity is what prayer brings to one. It removes the shadows on the mind and introduces sunlight. The sunlight which God created and set just near enough to Earth to allow us to exist. He planned ahead.

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