Now, here’s a term levied on many who the diabolical news organizations laud. Biden is a brilliant man and an even better president. One has to ask: According to whose logic? It’s kind of odd in a way. Maybe I should have named this website, “Odd Biden?” That wouldn’t be right so I didn’t. Although, when a rational person looks at the amorphous governing of this president one comes to possibly two conclusions: He is brilliant and dishonest, like a tax cheat, or, he is a dullard with no sense of propriety and plenty of dense bluster. Kind of like a school yard bully that can’t spell his own name. He scares you on one level but you feel quite sorry for him on another level.

The question then arises, will he be reelected? Or, should he be reelected. See that guy on the street corner nodding off due to drugs? Would you elect him as president of this once great country? If the answer is no then the question is: What’s the difference? What difference between a drug addled street zombie and this president of America? It gets dicey after a while as definitions move around where they should be stationary. Addled is addled, right?

Not today. Not in these times. Definitions are all over the map so don’t try to use that map to navigate thought in these times. Then, there is the Bible and that book tells us definitively where we are at in these times. It is not a good place for those who vote for Biden and all he represents. Much less those who cheat the election to be certain that old man gets reelected. It’s OK though, all we lose is our country, our freedoms, and our balance. Small price to pay for chaos.

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