The Word

It’s been many decades since I first read the Bible. If memory serves I first read Genesis at age fifteen. To say I was interested in the manner in which the Bible spoke to me would be not stating fact. It grabbed me and soon took me away from the church we belonged to while growing up. The Bible told me things not mentioned in all the sermons I had sat and listened to. It captured me, in a word.

At age fifteen and with a wide world yet to be explored I didn’t stick with it after I was able to drive. But while I was able to read it I read it cover to cover. Like most of us, I fell away from it for a couple of decades and during my Vietnam tours. The surprise was that the Bible didn’t drive away from me but, instead, guided me and held me back from some things that I might otherwise have done.

It is an amazing book, the Bible. It has something for everyone who reads it and it may surprise you to find answers to many of the questions we have about the reality of the Word of God. It is a guide and will keep those who understand it out of a lot of unnecessary trouble. Or, if you are one who has gotten yourself into trouble, it will lend strength to your heart to make a change out of that problem. Funny thing is, you may end up with a friend in Heaven who loves you more than you might guess. It is pretty much free and you don’t have to pay out the ying-yang to sit on a couch in some doctors office to tell your story. God already knows your story, your strengths and weaknesses. Consider this my recommendation for reading matter.

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Yet Again You and I Set the Watch
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