I enjoy people, up to a point. I don’t mind when someone tells me about difficult times they are going through or asking advice if they have a problem. I figure that is what we are all here for, to lend a hand as we can. There is not one blessed thing, except family, that makes life worth what it used to be worth nowadays. If I am correct, this is due to a terrible lack of stability.

Look, I am not an expert on anything. People don’t come to me to find out how to live their lives. Even if I gave them my opinion I wouldn’t think it mattered to them in their independent existence. As much as we are all the same we are all different. That last sounds bromidic but it is true. If we were all the same none of us would be intrigued. None of us would be anything more than ants. The secret to our differences is free will. Each of us can make our own choices and those choices can boil down to the choice between right and wrong. I give you the “intifada” protestors. A totally wrong choice on their part. Then again, free will means stupid choices when one is merely a reactionary. A stupid choice is like stepping out too far on a shale ledge overlooking a valley five hundred feet below or not paying rapt attention to the way you fold your parachute if you’re a sky diver. Or, gambling away your last few dollars hoping to hit the jackpot. Nice choice, moron!

Then there is Biden. He had a choice to not be president but his ego got in his way and fate turned toward him and he got elected. Whether this was through chicanery during the election is a moot point now. There are things that move unseen which also have a lever on consequence, on bad choices. Just to be clear, I am not running for president despite the fact that others say I shouldn’t. That is my choice not to listen to them and not to run. I think I made the right choice because things are moving now both in Heaven and on Earth and choices are already being made for us without our conscious knowledge. Those moving parts are, however, written of thousands of years ago so that we can understand our times and make the proper choices. Biden is a dupe. He knows nothing as he has never availed himself of what is foretold. We can if we choose to.

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