There isn’t really a problem with getting the news of the day or, more emphatically, the world on an hour to hour, minute to minute basis any more. As a kid there were only three local news channels and all were pretty much the same as this was a much more conservative America back in the 1950s. (Tolja I was old!) Add to this that America had only just won the second world war and many were still licking their wounds that we had let that war happen in the first place. That’s the way it always goes though. More deliberation after the fact than waiting too long and allowing hundreds of thousands be killed when it is too late. Neville Chamberlain comes to mind. (Look it up if you are scratching your head)

Now we are all about the “cable news” and how we are now, for some strange reason, divided. United we stand, divided we fall comes to mind. Is there an intent in two cable news channels lying about all things Americana? You know, like we are not a just nation, that we are all haters of each other due to skin color, that Trump a fascist, like only the elites have the answers and we who are down hill of them need to be governed with an iron fist?

180 degrees

America is off her foundation now and an awful lot of this has to do with straight up propaganda by two news agencies on Cable and most in print or internet. There were news anchors to the left of center always when I was growing up but they gave the news straight and then voted their conscience. They did not lead Americans astray because we the people were too important to be lied to.

We, the people are now consumers, little people, ignorant Bible and gun hugging fools, and racist bastards that should be behind barbed wire fences, baking in the desert sun. You think not? Then you’ve been listening to the two lying, propaganda infected news channels with “C” in their initials.

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