“Geriatric Aliens”

I am fairly sure I need a break from what some on some TV shows harp about. How could the ancient Greeks build the Parthenon or the Egyptians the pyramids at Giza without “Geriatric Alien” Technology?

Simple, they were as smart of engineers as we are today. Do some people have doubts that the ancient humans were as smart as we are? Why? I mean, we’re not talking Chimps here! We aren’t talking small brains over huge bodies and frames. What the heckle are these TV pundits thinking?

I don’t know about you but I always thought that, in some way, those folks were smarter than us. It stands to reason that without technology, if that’s what they call a bulldozer, they were rather forced to make work what they had on hand. You and I have done this when we attempt a task we’ve not done before and some of us come up with unthought of solutions that work marvelously. It isn’t like we’re trying to take a wrist watch apart with wrench and hammer. We “think” and then we proceed or we find out how to make it happen from one who has done it before.

Ten thousand people can sure as heck tow a stone block into place. Leverage and smarts can do a lot with less effort. Fulcrum and leverage is how I’ve done it. Of course, not recently as my Parthenon and pyramid building days are over. I can still mow the lawn and fix a faucet though. I can also stop a toilet from running and do the laundry. I wonder if the Geriatric Aliens hosts can do any of those things? Not if we judge their minds by their theories. It’s kind of annoying. By the way and speaking of: When was the last time you jacked up a car to change a tire? Fulcrum and leverage. When was the last time Georgio jacked up a car? See what I mean?

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