Time to Chuck Reality?

Sure I call myself odd but what I actually am is a dyed in the wool realist. For a while I considered myself objective but that didn’t cover the bases well enough. I am objective in the mechanical sense. In other words I don’t spend hours twisting a screw the wrong way because I want to think it tightens left because that is the direction I like. It tightens right and it makes the job go quicker if you follow the rules designated quite a long while ago. Before I was born even! For instance, when I get out of the shower it is evident what my sex is and it isn’t an “IT.” Actually, I kind of knew that before the shower but let’s just go in another direction, “K?”

Reality is not always pleasant. Some realities scare the daylights out of you and other realities are hours of pure boredom. Myself, I’ve been through realities I would not wish on anyone. Yet, myself and thousands of other men have gone through the same realities since time began. It’s kind of a man’s job to fight and then to come home ruined or in a body bag. At least, it was when I grew up. The reality is that s**t happens and it can be in war or driving down a country lane. It can be riding a horse cross country which I’ve done or pulling a shale hill in a Jeep in low range. You just never know but the more chances you take the more you’re likely to have your head dented.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know but why is it that so many evade reality to screw with people they don’t know? Protestors for instance. I have all kinds of friends and some are black and some Jewish. Some are Irish and some are Cherokee. We all get along just fine and on any given day one of us is smarter than the other. So, why should me and my buds chuck reality instead of aligning with it and making gears mesh? If you ever hill climbed driving a four wheeler and the transmission was iffy then you understand that reality can be changed but only if you’re acutely aware of the odds. Odd thing to say,eh?

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