East, Middle

Depending on your geographical location, the east is always opposite the west. If I was standing in, say, Iran I would say the east held China. Were I in Oregon, I would say the middle east was in the east. I could say it is in the west but that isn’t kosher. Compass points also require one to know the declination’s degrees that need to be added or subtracted to plot an accurate course that gets one home. Gobbledygook if you’re not backpacking.

The above is an example of tangential thought and is the way politics and world affairs are handled. It’s what we get when we involve lawmakers who are humans that are anal at birth. It makes for boring reading but no wisdom is applied nor sought after in scribbling on maps to alter a political nuance. I give you the Middle East. It doesn’t frigging matter, it is who is at the helm that makes the difference whether we have peace or not. There were no wars when the last president was in office. I forget his name. Then again, I’m older than snot.

In this country we have Joe Biden and he comes with a fully loaded train of people who have little to no wisdom but, rather, political intent to destroy what we’ve had since our founding. No thought to the goodness of our founding documents. Those are just papers with faded writing that need to go in the waste basket. In the meantime, as is always predictable, the Middle East is smoldering again. One iota of wisdom tells us that America is and has been the one and only nation of pure freedom for the masses . . . EVER in history. To destroy America is to destroy our world. I also give you the two World Wars. Which country was it that saved the world twice? It wasn’t England or Panama. It was the wisdom of our leaders that got the world back on track.

In the meantime, Joe and his cohorts are doing their level best to bring our world to the brink of zero population by twiddling their thumbs and making childish political movements. Diapers are required in the White House now where diapers were not required before. Peace through strength? Not in America any longer.

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