The First is the Last

Were we attempting to have a peaceful existence on this planet then the first thing we would, to a person, have to accept is that we are all, frail unto death, human beings. Therefore, should we, to a person accept this, there would be no conflict, no war, no need for authority. Think this will happen without God interceding? This is why Jesus came here to die but first to deliver His Father’s message of an eventual end to all this hate.

I write this understanding how distant many have elected to seal God away from their lives. We are in that period that Jesus told us would be the separation of the sheep from the goats. The followers of God from the deniers and haters. We are now deep into that time as it may very well have begun with the dawning of World War One or around 1914. If you look historically, at this segment of time you will see that this marked the first time the entirety of our world powers went to war. Mark that and study what has come since that time. All prophecy has been fulfilled except the end of this mess.

It is the way I look at what is going on and, knowing my life is short now, look to God for the peace that He promised. Whether I am still breathing when this final blow is levied on us matters not to me. I follow the same path as all who have come before me: birth, life, death. I am at relative peace even though this world appears to be about to implode and hate runs rampant in the streets. I hope to die only once and not face the second death. The death that Jesus told us to fear. The death of damnation.

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