So, what exactly are the judge and jury over this case against Donald Trump actually saying using “Stormy Daniels” as a witness splashing mud all over Trump. In reality, they are speaking of the immorality of most men who possess wealth and power. An old saying comes to mind, “What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.” So it goes for most all humans who are fabulously wealthy and this is the reason to be content with our lot.

What does this tell us about our elected persons of power? Probably, the same can be said concerning most men in power who cannot control their prurient desires. Women with the mind set of Daniels are everywhere in those circles and that is no reflection on women in general. Nor is this a reflection on most men.

What, then, does this say about Biden? Does anyone think for one moment that Biden has not done this? There are no facts indicating this except his feeling of superiority as demonstrated by his rather sketchy past and the lies he drops like rain. In the end, it all is known but does not discount the difference in mind that separates the two men. They are close to the same age but only one can can finish a sentence. Which do we want in the White House in these times? A mumbler or one who is still dynamic? I know, it does seem ironic when the choice is made. What are you gonna do?

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